Wednesday, 22 February 2012

February so far

All the pink I own
Silk and dirty windowsGetting around doing collages again
Oscar Wilde coat

First pair of sunglasses
1930s turquoise ring, finally!
February so far:

Being gifted:
-Songs From A Room, by Leonard Cohen - from my boyfriend
-The most perfect nude silk camisole, and a tinted lip balm - from my mother

Finally getting around doing more collages, I think I needed a tangible excuse to start doing them again. This one was sent here :)

-Gloves I bought in Florence, Italy when I was 15, forgotten and found at my parents' house
-The most wonderful 60s velvet Oscar Wilde-ish coat at my favourite thrift shop
-The first pair of sunglasses I have ever bought for myself (almost free at Local 23/the girl working there said: "girl, what have you been doing all that time?" and indeed, what have I been doing?)
-The perfect turquoise ring, after years of searching (from here)


P.S. I'm quite happy to finally getting around blogging again after my poor old computer got repaired--again. Hope you're all well!
I'm getting around giving my much neglected flickr account a second chance, and I'm cleaning up a bit around there. I would like to use more of my own content over here, so we'll see how that goes. My flickr's pretty empty at the moment, but go have a look if you'd like!